Crisis at school and rights of the child

“Crisis at school and rights of the child: psychoterapeutic recommendations on “problem” students for teachers and parents” – a book by I.S. Berdyshev – has been published with the support of ADC Memorial.

This book is an attempt to explain authour’s views on crises nowadays experienced by many children at school. It is first of all about the children whose disruptive behaviour causes ill-will of the teachers, schoolmates and school administration.

As a result

teachers and administration do not want to have anymore such students;

parents fight against the school (sometimes the fight has very radical forms), and finally become desperate, not knowing what and how they should do;

schoolmates often give them up and even chase them;

“problem” children suffer in any case.

How can we understand that school crisis takes place? What does it reflect? What position should be taken by teachers and parents without violation of children’s rights? How can be a psychotherapist useful in this situation? The answers to these questions can be found in this book. As a source for the book the author used his practical work with crisis students and the work of his colleagues at the centre “Children pschyatry”, friends, pshycologists, pedagogues, parents who believed in their “problem” children and managed to overcome the crisis.

The book can be useful for everyone who believes in children and school.

The book in Russian is available on-line.

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