Kostenko released

At 6.30 in the morning I was released from the detention centre at Zakharyevskaya str., 6. I was met by around 30 people and fireworks. When I and my friends arrived to my flat, unknown people started knocking on the door claiming they were police workers. They demanded to let them inside as they wanted to check the legal basis of staying of other people in the flat. Another version they made up on the spot was that they were called up by the neighbours who complained about the noise (we came to the flat around 8.30 a.m.). We did not open the door, and they left.

I would like to thank all those people, who in spite of their different views, supported me during this time. Solidarity that I felt during the arrest is very important. My release is obviously an achievement of public activists, human rights activists and lawyers – all those who fought for me. Solidarity helped us to make me release.

To evaluate the situation, I would call the events that happened to me political repressions. In spite of them, the fight will go on.

Photo by Sergey Chernov.

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