Kostenko transferred to detention centre

On December 22nd, the judge E. Ermolina sentenced Filipp Kostenko, activist and worker of the human rights organisation ADC Memorial, for 15 more days of administrative arrest for “swearing in public” on October 16th, 2011. Just before this sentence Kostenko spent 15 days in a detention centre after arrest for participating in mass protests against electoral fraud. With a violation of rules, he was not released after 15 days but directly transferred to the 43d police station. The trial was held on a next day. The judge made a decision probably agreed in advance and sentenced him for 15 more days and did not include the time spent at the police station while waiting for a trial.

Serious violations of the rights of the human rights activist continued even after the unjust decision. Filipp was not transferred to the detention centre at Zakharyevskaya str. as it was said but put back to the police station (the lawyer learned about this after she came to see her client at the detention centre). He spent the night and the next day at the police station. The conditions in the police station do not correspond to the norms of the centre at Zakharyevskaya str. Police stations are not made for long stay (the European Court for Human Rights made recently a decision on anagogic conditions in the 78th police station of St Petersburg and found them inhuman and degrading as basic conditions of detention, including sanitary conditions, food and the fact that police station cannot keep people for more than 3 hours were lacking). A person who recently had a hunger-strike was put in such conditions due to lack of all needful documents for putting him in a detention centre which can be considered a torture of a detained person.

Kostenko spent two days in the 43d police station waiting when the police officers obtain all needful documents and put him in a detention centre at Zakharyevskaya str. for 15 more days.

The lawyer of Filipp Kostenko sent a complaint in the Petrogradsky district court on unjust court decision and illegal detention at the police station.

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