Neo-Nazi jailed in Cherepovets

The Cherepovets Federal City Court has considered the case of an attack at anti-fascists on May 1st, 2011. Over 15 neo-Nazis armed with knives, sticks and broken bottles attacked anti-fascists sitting at the fire. Before the attack the Nazis threatened to kill them. During the attack three anti-fascists were stabbed, and the attackers left the place.

The injured were brouht to the hospital: one person’s lung was damaged, another had a cut on a cheek, and the third person was stabbed into his shoulder. The aggrieved spotted the attackers and wrote a complaint to a police station. A criminal case was initiated. The investigation, however, was not carried out, and was started only after the lawyer Sergei Baklanov, hired with support of ADC Memorial, became involved in the case.

In this case, protection of aggrieved activists was cosidered help to victims of “racism on association”, i.e. support of people who were attacked because they opposed racism. They were attacked on the motive of racist prejudices, hatred and ill will. The court found one of the attackers, D. Orlov, guilty. It was proved that he belongs to the bonheads group and his motive is based on hatred against anti-facists. Orlov received a three year suspended prison sentence for 3 articles: 213 (hooloiganism), 115 and 119 (threat of homicide). The court prescribed the guilty persons to compensate moral damage.

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