New project on civil activists’ rights launched

Since December 2011, a St. Petersburg human rights organisation, ADC “Memorial”, has been working on the project “Protection of civil activists’ rights in the Northwestern region of the Russian Federation.” In the current political situation in the country, prosecutions of civil activists, and pressure and misconduct by the law enforcement have become increasingly important topics of discussion.

The project aims to defend the rights of civil activists, who are subjected to repression and had become victims of violence. In the recent years, different types of civil activists had been exposed to such problems, including environmentalists, journalists, anti-fascists, LGBT organisations, representatives of the trade union movement, voluntary observers of the government elections, city defenders and even human rights activists themselves.

The goal of the project is to create a structure that will unite the work of public activists, lawyers, human rights activists, experts and Media to counter the pressure and illegal administrative and criminal prosecutions of human rights activists, as well asto protect them from violence.


-Monitor violations of civil activists’ rights in the Northwestern region of the Russian Federation, creation of a contact phone number for gathering information and offering the victims the chance to consult;

-Legal help and consultation, and if necessary, provide an attorney;

-Distribute information and educate others, conduct human rights seminars and trainings to help react to the frequent problems, related to active public work, human rights practices, journalism.

We encourage all those who are interested to collaborate and cooperate with us on this project.

Contact information of our organisation:

Email: memorial@memorial.spb.ru

Phone: (812) 317-8930

Fax: (812) 575-9050

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