New seminar to be held in ADC Memorial

A seminar and discussion on protests, and how to react to participatiing of Nazis will take place in the Anti-discrimination centre Memorial on the January 28th at 5 p.m. The address is St Petersburg, 7 Krasnoarmeyskaya str., 25/14, office 410.

A political situation is changing fast in our country. After December protests and activisation of different public movements the problem of nationalism is very important, and attitude towards it should be formulated. What compromises are possible during electoral time? Is a tactic temporary union with nationalists possible? What is the danger of consolidation of all oppositional power? Why is anti-migrant rhetoric of the rights oppositional, while Putin’s speeches on migration are quite to similar to that of nationalists? Is cooperation between anti-fascists and law-enforcement agencies against Nazi violence possible? Is there any alternatives?

The problems of cooperation between law-enforcement agencies and protest groups and movements will be analysed by Vladimir Kostyushev, sociologist, public defender and professor of the High School of Economics in St Petersburg. It seems that cooperation between state and society is quite rare, and ignoring and repressions are more often in Russia.

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