Presentation of board game “Russia is a country of opportunities?” in Tajikistan.

On 3 and 6 August 2012 an employee of ADC ‘Memorial’ Ekaterina Nazarshoeva gave a presentation of board game “Russia is a country of opportunities?” and workshops on migration legislation of the Russian Federation in town Khorog (Tajikistan).

Employees of local migration service, representatives of government institutions, senior schoolchildren, students of University of Central Asia in Khorog participated in the workshop.

Most students of the university are potential migrant workers as after getting education they can’t find job in Tajikistan and have to go to Russia and quite often without knowing where to go and what to do. As participants of the workshop say, the board game ‘Russia is a country of opportunities?’ helps to understand and virtually experience all difficulties of migration, learn basic rules of migration legislation of the Russian Federation, realize how important it is to know the Russian language and your rights.

The employees of migration service and other governmental institutions said they would like to give presentations and seminars with the game by themselves in different regions and villages as most migrant workers come from small towns and villages. The authorities of University of Central Asia (Khorog) and a teacher in the Russian language Zukhra Nazarovna Tiraidozova thanked ADC ‘Memorial’ for making and publishing such a unique manual and suggested to make clubs and even camps for students and schoolchildren from nearest regions in the framework of the Russian language course in order to learn migration legislation with help of game methods. The students suggested to translate the game into other languages and make online version of the game in order to update it and make available for everybody.

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