CABAR.asia: Uzbekistan. New defendants in the Nukus protests: no more acquittals

CABAR.asia: The trial of Karakalpakstan protesters shows that the Uzbek authorities wanted to create the appearance of justice. Human rights activists argue that the trials were aimed more at creating the image of a democratic country than at actual justice. But no more acquittals are expected.

…While noting some leniency and transparency in the conduct of the trial, human rights activists and experts emphasize that they did not see any particular justice in the sentencing. Most likely it was an attempt to save face and create the appearance of democracy, most independent experts say. At the same time, the authorities send clear signals that all attempts to influence the decision through street protests will be severely punished.

Alisher Ilhamov, political analyst and director of the UK-based Central Asia Due Diligence Center, writes in his article for the human rights organization “Memorial” that he did not see much progress toward an impartial and fair review of the Karakalpak case.

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