UNAITED: ADC Memorial runs campaign in solidarity with Roma of Donbass

Between International Women’s Day (8 March) and International Roma Day (8 April), UNITED network organisation Anti Discrimination Centre Memorial is conducting a special campaign in solidarity with the Roma of Donbass.

The Donbass region in the east of Ukraine has suffered from ongoing conflict and instability since war broke out between the Ukrainian security services and pro-Russian secessionists in 2014. The region’s Roma population have been particularly effected by the war, with numerous reports of discriminatory violence targeted at Roma people.

In a statement about the campaign, ADC Memorial write: “ADC Memorial starts the campaign of solidarity with Roma of Donbass who had suffered from the war and pogroms, who now live in destroyed houses and face lack of resources, who are not safe, who don’t know what could happen tomorrow”

ADC Memorial is highlighting their plight and showing solidarity by releasing a series of photos on their website, and organising a Thunderclap campaign.

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