Stop the war!

On February 24, Russian troops attacked Ukraine, the aggression was launched from the air, sea and land – this is a crime that cannot be justified or explained.

Ukrainian military and civilians are losing their lives in peaceful Ukrainian cities and villages – in Kharkiv, Odessa, Kiev and other regions. Right to life, right to peace, right to freedom are violated. Lasting since 2014 Russian aggression against Ukraine, has entered into a phase of active and brutal war. There is a high risk of world war and the only responsible for this are the authorities of the Russian Federation: responsible towards the people of Ukraine and towards the other peoples.

Since last year, the Russian authorities have been lying to the population of the country and to the whole world that they “are not planning to attack.” Now they continue to lie, prohibiting to tell the truth under the threat to block the websites. By means of repression, persecuting the media, human rights defenders, and Russian protesters against the war they hope to keep the power and stay unpunished doing evil. This way they destroy not only the neighboring countries, but also the lives of Russian as the aggressor country has no future, or rather, its future is a catastrophe.

Stop the war! Freedom to Ukraine! Peace to the nations!

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