The interviews for qualified students took place at ADC Memorial

The Roma Education Fund Scholarship Programmes (REF/SP) and “Remembrance,Responsibility and Future” Foundation announced the seventh year of Law and Humanities Programme (LHP) for eligible Romani students at the university level in Moldova, Ukraine and Russia for the 2010 – 2011 academic year. The funds for Law and Humanities Programme come from the Remembrance, Responsibility and Future Foundation and the Roma Education Fund. ADC MEMORIAL is Programme Country Coordinator in Russia.

On June 22nd ADC MEMORIAL conducted the interviews for qualified students to receive scholarship from Roma Educational Fund. Applications from 16 candidates were accepted, 10 female and 6 male students applied to the programme. The applicants of this year are students of higher educational institutions of Moscow, Smolensk, Pskov, Tula, Tolyatti and Saratov. Most of these students are receiving an education in the fields of Jurisprudence and Management and some of them study Humanities. All applicants have passed interviews excellently and have been approved by the committee for the scholarship.

In the 2009-2010 study year 28 students received the scholarship, 7 of which have successfully graduated and received their diplomas this summer. In 2010-2011, the program in Russia will have 37 recipients, including the students who passed the interview.

The screening committee consisted of: the ethnographer specializing in Roma Culture Nikolai Bessonov, the member of Russian Institute of the History of Arts and the researcher of Roma Culture and Arts Stanislava Kuchepatova, and the professor of St. Petersburg State University, editor of Scientific literature specializing on Roma issues Anastasiya Ryko.

At 12:30 the seminar for young Roma activists «Overcoming the Discrimination of Roma: Possibilities and Perspectives» took place. The speakers of  the seminar were ADC Memorial experts: Olga Abramenko, Anna Udyarova, Ella Tereshchenko, and Andrei Yakimov.

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