Today we’ll score the first goal to Mr. Putin

On the opening of #WorldCup in Russia, we are starting our world championship. And we will play for political prisoners.

Our first goal is adopting an urgency resolution of the European Parliament on Oleg Sentsov and other hostages of the Kremlin.

We have done all the preparatory work. The final text of the resolution, thanks to the friends of Ukraine in the European Parliament, includes our recommendations.

Today, at 9 am, a plenary session will be opened. We are playing against a powerful Russian lobby in the EU. It’s important for us to play as the team.

First, the resolution should be approved by the majority of votes.

Second, the decision by European Parliament does not pass through the world’s attention during the opening of the World Cup.

Let’s play!

Write right now click on this automatic tweet that you join the game: https://ctt.ac/e53RP

Write on your Facebook and Twitter -#EuropeanParliament Act Now! Vote for resolution! Save Ukrainian Jailed-70 #SaveOlegSentsov #FreeSentsov #WorldCup #WorldCup2018

You can add a few words from yourself, for example, why are root for political prisoners at the World Cup in Russia.

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Together until the end!

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