Violence against human rights activists and anti-fascists: public reaction

On September 30, 2011 a seminar “Violence against human rights activists and anti-fascists: public reaction” will be held in the ADC Memorial office: St. Petersburg, 7 Krasnoarmeyskaya str., 25/14, 410. The seminar will start at 5 p.m.

A documentary “Who killed Natasha?” directed by Mylene Sauloy will be shown within the seminar. This movie is an attempt of independent investigation of the murder of journalist and human rights defender Natalia Estemirova in 2009. The data collected by human rights activists was presented in Memorial report: “Two years passed since the murder of Natalia Estemirova: the crime investigator followed a false scent”. Experts of the Human Rights Centre Memorial and the Sova Centre will take part in the seminar and tell about monitoring neo-Nazi violence.

Over last years we witnessed a series of murders. Nikolai Girenko, Timur Kacharava, Anna Politkovskaya, Anastasiya Baburova, Stanislav Markelov, Ivan Khutorskoy, Natalia Estemirova are among those who became victims of recent violent activities. These people were killed because they defended the rights of discriminated social groups and openly manifested their anti-fascist ideas. Only a part of people involved in these crimes were sentenced.

In the current social-political situation people who are active in public life and stand up for truth and human rights are out on a limb. What can change the situation? What should the society do to effectively oppose violence? Is it possible at all? We want to find the answers to these questions together.

Address of ADC Memorial: St. Petersburg, 7 Krasnoarmeyskaya str., 25/14, 410 office.

More information about the organisation can be found on the website http://memorial.spb.ru/?lang=en or asked by e-mail: memorial@memorial.spb.ru
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