Bulletin №48, December 2014

Against discrimination

Russia : Stop Mass Arrests of Migrants

Defending the rights of people with disabilities: new laws and old practices by Inessa Sakhno

QueerFest and “Side by Side” film festival in Saint Petersburg by Inessa Sakhno

ADC “Memorial” helped HIV-infected person to stay in Russia

Sad and scary autumn marches by Stefania Kulayeva

Migrant rights

From Tajikistan to Russia: Vulnerability and abuse of migrant workers and their families

More expensive work permits: immigration rules get stricter by Sergey Mikheyev

ECtHR demands respect for rights of detainees as stateless persons come under pressure

ADC “Memorial” continues to pursue release of stateless persons from detention center

Defending potential victims of torture: UN Human Rights Committee’s ruling in case of Kesmatulla Khakdar

HR meetings

ADC “Memorial” took part in round table on fighting against racism in football

ADC took part in EESC seminar on the role of civil society

ADC “Memorial” participated in OSCE Human Dimension Meeting

OSCE representatives on tolerance and non-discrimination meet Russian human rights activists

Children Rights

25th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child by Stefania Kulayeva

Statement of ADC “Memorial”

Roma rights

UNITED conference discussed education of Romani children

Human Rights Day: ADC “Memorial” raises issues of Roma rights in Russia

Freedom of speech and association

The Observatory for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders: put an end to any act of harassment against the “Memorial”