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In solidarity with the stateless

An urgent call to states, donors and other stakeholders to promote and protect the rights of stateless persons in their COVID-19 responses As governments across the world confront the COVID-19 pandemic, facing deeply challenging decisions on protecting public health while…read more

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Gatchina town court ignored Constitutional Court’s ruling, refused to release stateless persons from detention

The practice of the Russian courts in legal cases regarding the placement of stateless persons into temporary detention centres for foreign nationals remains contradictory. It would seem that the decision of the Constitutional Court in the case of Noe Mskhiladze,…read more

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Rights of Migrants and Stateless People – the Issue Topic of the ADC Memorial’s Bulletin

To the International Migrants Day ADC Memorial has prepared special issue of human rights bulletin dedicated to the rights of migrants and stateless people and #CrossborderChildhood campaign. Content: Discrimination due to Family Circumstances Court overrules Russian consumer watchdog’s decision on…read more

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Joint Statement: 125 Civil Society Organisations condemn the exclusion of 1.9 million people from the Assam NRC and call for urgent action to protect everyone’s right to a nationality

On 31 August 2019, after a long-drawn out process, the final version of the Assam National Register of Citizens (NRC) was published. 31,121,004 residents of Assam were included in the NRC and therefore recognised as citizens, whereas 1,906,657 residents –…read more