Bulletin №49, April 2015

Editorial Notes

New website and new life of Anti-Discrimination Centre “Memorial”

International advocacy

Roma and War in Eastern Ukraine – refugees, displaced persons, victims of violence

ADC Memorial and “Human Rights Movement: Bir Duino – Kyrgyzstan” have submitted an alternative report to the United Nations Committee on Migrant Workers

Violations of the Rights of Women From Particularly Vulnerable Groups in the Russian Federation

Statement of Anti-Discrimination Centre Memorial at the 113th Session of the UN Human Rights Committee March 16, 2015

UN HRC: Civil and political rights of vulnerable groups should be protected by Russian laws

The UN as a Forum for Discussion by Olga Abramenko

Freedom of speech and association

One year of persecution against ADC “Memorial”: results and prospects

Mechanism of excluding NGOs from the register of “foreign agents” doesn’t save civil society from crackdown by Sergey Mikheyev

Minority rights

A truly national agent by Olga Abramenko

Migrant rights

Courts refuse deportation to South-Eastern Ukraine, but victims of war are prosecuted for violation of immigration regulations

Two additional stateless persons, one from Georgia and the other from Tajikistan, have been released from a Temporary Detention Facility for Foreigners (SUVSIG), and ADC Memorial is strongly advocating for the right of stateless persons to be legalized

Court: impossibility to leave country for a stateless person is not a crime

HIV-positive foreigner granted temporary residence permit in Russia after two years of court procedures

Court overrules ban for a HIV-positive foreign national to stay in Russia with his family

A tragic pattern: Roma woman found dead in Pskov by Alexander Belov

Human rights journalism

A year of disaster and shame by Stefania Kulayeva

Antifascist protests against “Conservative Forum” in Saint Petersburg by Inessa Sakhno

Memorial march for murdered antifascists Stanislav Markelov and Anastasia Baburova held in Saint Petersburg for the first time