Discovering the paths of memory

Dicovering the paths of memory” is a pamphlet devoted to the historical memory of the victims of the Porajmos, genocide of Romani people during the Second World War. The project “National-Socialist Genocide of Romani people – discovering erased paths of memory” was carried out in 2010 by the Anti-Discrimination Centre “Memorial” in partnership with the Center for Documentation and Culture of German Roma and Sinti (Heidelberg) and the support of the Foundation “Memory, Responsibility, Future”.

Roma students from Russia and students from Germany visited places linked to the mass extermination of Romani people by Nazis during the Second World War. These included the Brest Fortress in Belarus, Museum of Warsaw Uprising and the Auschwitz Memorial Museum in Poland, the Holocaust Museum in Moscow, places, where Roma people were shot in Smolensk and Pskov regions in Russia. The students met with historians, who had studied the genocide of Roma and Sinti (Porajmos) and recorded eyewitness accounts of these tragic events. The trip ended with a seminar held in St. Petersburg.

Russian version (11,83Mb)

German version (Verwischte Spuren der Erinnerung entdecken) (11,84Mb)