Ilya Berdyshev, psychologist, counselor, doctor, teacher

The book by Ilya Berdyshev, a colleague of ours, is a collection of articles on the problems of childhood and the rights of children. It includes pieces on “School crisis and the rights of the child”, “Psychologist’s advice”, guidelines on the techniques of “theatrical therapy” and joint viewing of educational films, which are to be followed by discussions including people of different ages. Particularly valuable are the sections of the book devoted to “Different Children” and “Children’s Rights”, which include life stories of children from Roma settlements and migrant children, LGBT children, children with physical and mental disabilities, children living on the street and underage prisoners.
With tremendous tact, professionalism and a high degree of humanism, the author approaches such difficult topics as the freedom of choice for adolescents and the need for parental control of children’s behavior, the responsibility of society and the state for all children without exception, the difficulty of accepting others among children and adults, exclusion of some children and the cruelty in children’s collectives.

Read the book in pdf format (in Russian)