ADC Memorial publishes the documentary animated film “How I Was Going to My Sister” (from Donbas to EU)

This is the 3rd documentary animation (with English subtitles) about the children of Ukraine produced by ADC Memorial in 2022-23 as part of the #CrossborderChildhoodUA campaign.

Previous publications included the documentary animation “We have left” with the voices of children forced to flee the war in the spring of the 22nd  and the animated film “Travel of a Roma boy from Mariupol” (”Chavoreskiro drom Mariupolestyr” in Romani) with the story of a Roma boy who had to flee Mariupol.

The latest film in this series is the story of a 17-year-old boy who fled the occupied region of Donbas to avoid mobilisation into the occupants’ army. The young man tells how he had to travel alone through the Russian Federation (the only way into Ukraine available to residents of the occupied territories), where he was subjected to hours of horrific interrogation, how he narrowly escaped arrest but still managed to return to free Ukraine to meet his sister who was waiting for him.

This story was previously included in ADC Memorial’s report on the situation of children from Ukraine displaced during the war of 2022-2023.