On December 19 the European Parliament adopted a resolution on Russian ‘Foreign Agent’ legislation (2019/2982 (RSP))

The European Parliament reiterated that the ‘foreign agent’ legislation violated the international human rights obligations of the Russian Federation and called the government to annul it. The recent amendments about the persons-‘foreign agents’ are vague, contradict the principles of legal certainty and encourage stigmatization of those who disagree with the governmental policy.

The European Parliament condemned the recent Russian measures as a wide campaign directed at suppression of dissidence, persecution of the opposition and civil society. The case of liquidation of movement ‘For Human Rights’ and repressions against Anastasiya Shevchenko in Rostov-on-Don are highlighted in the resolution. According to the Members of the European Parliament, the Russian government forces civil society to focus its resources on paying fines and judicial defense. The resolution also condemns the recent tendency when loyal NGO-GONGO, pretending civil society organizations promote the governmental agenda.

The Parliament expressed its support to all who continue the human rights work in Russia and called the Venice Commission to examine the amended law on ‘foreign agents’. It once again highlighted that the cooperation between the EU and Russia should be based on firm principles, including respect for international law and the territorial integrity of Russia’s neighbours.

Below we publish the information prepared and submitted to UN Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Assembly and Associations and in the appropriate bodies of the European Union.

Photo by Gwenael Piaser