School crisis and the rights of the child

Ilya Berdyshev’s “School crisis and the rights of the child: psychotherapeutic recommendations to teachers and parents regarding “troubled” students” is an attempt to express in a condensed form the author’s views on the current school crisis, which is so acute today. The book talks primarily about those children who due to their behavior can cause increasing hostility on the part of teachers, classmates and school administration.

As a result of this:

• teachers and the administration of educational institutions often do not want to have such students;
• parents adopt a strategy of stonewall defense from school (and sometimes this defense takes on extreme forms) and, finally, they often fall into despair, failing to understand what is to be done next and how;
• classmates often turn away from such children and can turn to harass them;
• in any case, the “troubled” children themselves are also directly affected.

How can we detect school crises in a timely way? What does such crisis express? What are the appropriate steps that the teachers and parents should adopt without violating the rights of the children, but at the same time addressing the problem of troubled children? How can a psychiatrist/psychotherapist be useful in this situation? The author tries to address these and other questions in his work. While writing this pamphlet, the author referred to his practical experience of helping students in critical situation, as well the experience of his colleagues from the State Healthcare Institution “Children’s Psychiatry”, his friends, psychologists, teachers, parents, whose faith in their “troubled” children helped them to effectively and successfully overcome crises. The pamphlet can also be useful to anyone, who is interested in children and school.

School Crisis and the Rights of the Child” in pdf format (in Russian)