The Tenth Story: A different life…

The tenth and final story in Yana Tannagasheva’s project “Coal is killing us” is about what should replace the barbaric coal mining in the Kuzbass region.

“My tenth and final story about coal titled “A Different Life…” A different life; it may happen if we all unite, if we stand in solidarity against this barbaric mining. I hope that all these short stories, at least a little, gave you an idea about the Russian “Kuzbass” coal region, about the ecological situation there, about my Indigenous People, about the persecution of environmental defenders, and, finally, about coal itself. And I would like these Ten Stories About Coal to also contribute to bring an end to the age of coal. These stories will remain as a memory… And in my heart there is still a glimmer of hope… Someday, I will see my native land, and it will be green.”