Цыганский образовательный фонд (REF) и Фонд “Память, ответственность и будущее” (EVZ)

The Law and Humanities Program (LHP) established in 2004 with the funds coming from the Foundation “Remembrance, Responsibility and Future” is managed by the Roma Education Fund (REF) Scholarships Programme. LHP operates in Moldova, Russia and Ukraine. Between 2004-2010 577 Scholarships were given to Roma Students  in Program countries to enable Roma youth pursue tertiary education in their home countries or the countries of their residence.

Roma Education Fund Scholarships Program and the Foundation “Remembrance, Responsibility and Future” are now inviting researchers and experts in education to carry out an full scale evaluation of the Law and Humanities Program (LHP) administered in Russia, Moldova and Ukraine to learn about the overall impact as well as study the particular outcomes of the programme.

The Evaluation will be carried out in three program countries between May 5th and July 20th, 2010. The work period may not exceed 40 working days. The draft, as well as final evaluation papers need to be delivered in English.

The experts, individual or in groups, who have relevant experience and credentials (Russian and/or Romanese will be an asset) and wish to apply for carrying out the external evaluation of the project will have to submit:

Study Proposal – framework and methodology, timeframes and  supported by detailed budget. The initial proposal may not exceed 2.5-3 pages.

The interested applicants must send the above requested papers as an e-mail attachment to Ms. Valeria Bodoczky at vbodoczky@romaeducationfund.org by the deadline of   5 :00 pm, Friday,  April 23rd, 2010.



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