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Constitutional court sees no violations in the law on “foreign agents”, Saint-Petersburg court insists ADC “Memorial” should register as one

On April 8, 2014 Constitutional court of the Russian Federation announced its decision regarding the appeal made by human rights ombudsman Vladimir Lukin concerning violation of constitutional rights on NGOs, which were charged with “performing functions of foreign agents”. Constitutional…read more

Эта запись так же доступна на: Russian

Russian Federation: Appeal hearing in ADC “Memorial” “foreign agent” case: the Observatory calls for the recognition that human rights NGOs are not “foreign agents”

Paris-Geneva, April 7, 2014. On International Roma Day, the Saint Petersburg City Court will consider tomorrow the appeal lodged by the Anti-Discrimination Centre (ADC) “Memorial”, a Russian NGO at the forefront of the defence of Roma’s rights, against a ruling…read more