Bulletin № 67, 2019. ANTI-DISCRIMINATION

On One Hectare Olga ABRAMENKO

OSCE ODIHR session discussed anti-Roma outbursts in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus

Protection of the rights of victims of the anti-Roma pogrom in Ust-Abakan Valery ZAITSEV
Police raids against Romani people in Belarus Pavel SAPELKO
The UN Committee on the Rights of the Child concerns about the situation of ...


ADC “Memorial” submitted information regarding the situation in Crimea to Committee on Elimination of Racial Discrimination

In August 2017 Committee on Elimination of Racial Discrimination adopted the Concluding Observations on the report of Russia. In paras 19-20 the Committee expressed its concern regarding the ban and strict limitations on the operation of Crimean Tatar representative institutions, such as the outlawing of the Mejlis and the closure of several media ...


Bulletin № 66, June 2019. Children’s Rights

The issue topic: сhildren’s rights

New Treaties Needed to Protect Children’s Rights in Eastern Europe and Central Asia

The graphic story “Alyona” to the International Romani Day

ADC Memorial submitted an alternative report to the UN CRC on the rights of migrant children in Belarus

ADC “Memorial” welcomes UN CMW recommendations to ...


Bulletin № 65, March 2019. Women’s rights

The issue topic: women’s rights
Prostitution is not a "work" but a cruel form of exploitation and discrimination
Interview with Grégoire Théry, Co-founder and executive director of the Coalition for the Abolition of Prostitution (CAP international)

March 8 – A Day of Rights, Witches, Flowers, or Mothers? Stefania KULAEVA

Situation of women ...