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Combating discrimination against women at work. #AllJobs4allWomen at the Vth Gusov Readings

On May 30, 2019, international scientific-practical conference “Typical and atypical employment: perspectives of research and legal regulation” (Vth Gusov Readings) was held in Moscow. It was combined with the annual XIIIth Conference of “Lawyers for Labor Rights” association. One of…read more

Эта запись так же доступна на: Russian

Radio RBE (It): Donne, diritti negati a est

Radio RBE (Radio Beckwith Evangelica – Italian): Questa puntata di Kiosk è dedicata ai “diritti negati da conquistare”, ai femminismi e alla lotta alla discriminazione. In questa puntata, lo facciamo attraverso storie che che partono da est, dall’ampia regione di…read more