Аnnouncement “Opposing Russian Colonial Oppression: Voices of Different Peoples”

Russia’s full-scale war in Ukraine has been a startling and painful reminder of Russia’s imperial and colonial ambitions. Neither the colonial expansion of the Russian Empire, nor the Soviet crimes and aggression have been properly evaluated or condemned. Present-day Russia’s historical revisionism and revanchist policies are a continuation of colonial claims in Central and Eastern Europe, the Caucasus, Central Asia, Siberia.

Ethnic discrimination and oppression faced by different peoples within contemporary Russia and within its neighbourhood is an integral and crucial part of the imperial mentality. The speakers of the event – prominent human rights defenders from Siberia, Caucasus, Central Asia, Ukraine, and Russia – will present their experiences and insights from the region and discuss how policies of ethnic oppression relate to war and military aggression waged by Russia, where different ethnic groups and peoples are used against each other.

Ukraine has been paying the highest price for the ultimate fight for freedom and dignity. Peoples of Caucasus and Central Asia have been facing discrimination and oppression in many different forms for centuries. Colonisation of Siberia and Far East brought suffering and destruction to indigenous peoples of the region. However, solidarity in opposing aggression, oppression, and discrimination is shown in the joined voices of different peoples ready to stand up for their rights.

The event is hosted by MEP Rasa Juknevičienė in cooperation with Anti-Discrimination Centre Memorial, Brussels-based human rights organization founded in Saint Petersburg, Russia to advocate for the rights of minorities across the country.

! Please register for the event via the Registration link until 20 October deadline!

The discussion will be in English/ Russian with translation.



Opening Remarks

  • Rasa Juknevičienė, MEP, host


  • Stefania Kulaeva, Head of ADC Memorial-Brussels
  • Vira Gruzova, Ukraine Expert at the ADC Memorial-Brussels
  • Yanna Tannagasheva, Member of the International Committee of Indigenous Peoples of Russia, indigenous activist of the Shor People in Siberia (online)
  • Dmitry Berezhkov, Indigenous peoples’ rights consultant at Arctic Consult, Norway, former Chief Editor of Indigenous Russia
  • Shamil Magomadov, Expert on Human Rights in Northern Caucasus at the Human Rights Centre Memorial, Russia
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