Children’s Rights are the focus of the June Bulletin of ADC Memorial

The Bulletin includes: a new ADC Memorial campaign #CrossborderChildhood for the rights of migrant children in the Eastern Europe and Central Asia region; a graphic history of discrimination against Roma children in school; failure to implement the rights of children with disabilities; the right of the child to sexual education; and the persecution of adolescents for their participation in political protests.

New Treaties Needed to Protect Children’s Rights in Eastern Europe and Central Asia

The graphic story “Alyona” to the International Romani Day

ADC Memorial submitted an alternative report to the UN CRC on the rights of migrant children in Belarus

ADC “Memorial” welcomes UN CMW recommendations to Tajikistan

UN CESCR called on Kazakhstan to respect rights of children

The Rights of Children with Disabilities: Declarations in Place of Real Guarantees Sergey MIKHEEV

International Day of Education was proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly

Sexual education – question of morality or a human right? Patrycja POMPALA

The Fight for Freedom and Persecution for Love Stefania KULAEVA

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