Human rights activists report forced mass mobilization of the Crimean Tatars – the indigenous people of Crimea

“According to preliminary data, about 90% of conscription notices in Crimea were received by Crimean Tatars. At the same time, Crimean Tatars make up 13-15% of the population of the peninsula. Such a scale of mobilization can lead to a covert genocide of the Crimean Tatar people,” said Yevgeniy Yaroshenko, analyst of Крым SOS.

According to the norms of international law, one of the forms of genocide is the deliberate creation of living conditions designed for the complete or partial destruction of an ethnic group.

The conscription of residents of the occupied territories into the occupying army is prohibited by Art. 51 IV of the Geneva Convention and is considered a war crime. Another war crime is forcing citizens of Ukraine to participate in hostilities against their own state.

Since the beginning of the “partial mobilization” in Russia, residents of the occupied territories have begun to receive conscription notices. So far, it is known that about 5,000 residents of Crimea have received conscription notices for the Russian army.