In Moscow, migrants are being recruited to participate in the war with Ukraine through leaflets

Readers of the Sota publication report that the leaflets that call for signing army contracts to participate in the war with Ukraine are distributed near the Vykhino metro station. The leaflets are addressed to migrants from countries that are members of the CSTO, and the distributors deliberately contact those who look like foreign citizens from neighboring countries among passers-by. The text of the published leaflet contains the following expressions: “opposing the Nazis in Ukraine within the framework of the CSTO”, the opportunity to “gain invaluable military experience”, “become a hero of Russia”, “revive and remember the bonds of two congenial peoples of Russia”, “take a direct part in the revival of Great Russia and the peoples of the friendly Republics.” Among the requirements for candidates are support for the “special operation” and the absence of anti-war publications on social networks.

As the publication notes, the reference to the CSTO misleads foreign citizens: the military bloc, which, in addition to Russia, includes Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, does not take part in the war with Ukraine. Moreover, according to the legislation of these states, contract service in the Russian army can be interpreted as mercenarism that implies criminal liability.

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