International Roma Day in the Russian media

On the International Roma Day, the Russian media used to write only about the Gypsy music culture, ignoring the fact that this day has marked the first International Roma Congress (1971) and the fight against discrimnation of Roma. However, this year several resources covered the important problems of Roma minority.

The resource NGS55.RU published a selection of materials by Alexander Zubov and Elena Latypova about the life of Roma in Omsk: reportages from two compact settlements, interviews with their residents. The Kommersant published an illustrated story “The Tabor goes away” – about the oppression of the Gypsies from the Middle Ages to the present day. Two pictures are devoted to the situation in Russia: the problems of compact Roma settlements (legalizing land and houses, access to resources, the risk of losing the only housing) are illustrated with the demolition in 2016 in Plekhanovo, Tula region; the inter-ethnic clashes in 2019 in Chemodanovka, Penza region, where only the Roma claimed guilty. The only media covering the trial on 28 arrested Roma in the case of mass riots in Chemodanovka is the 7×7 portal; it published regular court reports by journalists Ekaterina and Yevgeny Malyshev. During the investigation and at the trial, some of the accused Roma complained of beatings and torture.

On the occasion of the International Day of Roma (Gypsies), our longrid “Roma and the problem of statelessness” is published, covering the problem of documenting Roma in Russia and other countries of the former USSR.

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