Side event “Lives and environment of Siberia’s Indigenous peoples are getting destroyed”

ADC Memorial invites participants of Human Dimension Conference organized by ODIHR OSCE to side-event

Side event 03.10.2022, 17:00 – 18:00, Hotel Sofitel, Meeting Room 2 Saski 

Discrimination of the Indigenous peoples of Siberia and Far East was not widely known until the beginning of so-called “partial mobilization” in Russia; now the rights of Indigenous peoples are much more discussed. It’s impossible to ignore the way it goes in Siberian Republics, such as Buryatia, Tyva, Sakha and other regions of RF where live those peoples that have inhabited Siberia before the Russian colonization. In some settlements of these Republics most of men are forced to mobilization; without them hard life in Siberia is going to become just impossible. Indigenous peoples – dramatically small in number in comparison with the Russian population – are carrying disproportional heavy losses during the immoral war imposed on them.

Discrimination and destruction of Indigenous peoples are obvious not only in this selective mobilization. Human rights defenders, environmentalists, and Indigenous activists have been alarmed for years, arguing that mining for these resources violates the rights of Siberia’s Indigenous peoples, destroys their environment, and harms the climate for the entire planet. These topics are the focus of the film “The gold of Shoria”. A screening of this documentary will be followed by a discussion with experts working to protect the rights of Siberia’s Indigenous peoples.