Oryol military registration and enlistment office attempted to mobilize 25 labor migrants from Uzbekistan

On October 26, 25 citizens of Uzbekistan working at a waste processing plant in Oryol received military summons. In total, 50 employees of the enterprise received the summons. Foreigners recorded a video message in which they asked for help from the President of Uzbekistan. The director of the enterprise criticized the actions of the military registration and enlistment office and called on law enforcement agencies and the prosecutor’s office to intervene in the situation.

The Agency for External Labor Migration of the Ministry of Labor of Uzbekistan responded to the appeal. It said that representatives of the embassy established contact with the workers and management of the enterprise and went to the scene.

A day later, the Oryol administration published a statement by the military commissar of the city. He blamed the enterprise itself, which, according to him, did not properly keep military records, and also said that all foreign citizens were released after an identity check.

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