The Moscow Times: Russia’s Muslims Dismayed By Anti-Israeli Airport Riot

The Moscow Times:

As the events in Dagestan have shown, the latest escalation in the decades-long Israel-Palestine conflict has brought to the surface the many frustrations harbored by members of Russia’s Muslim communities.

This now risks exacerbating existing inter-ethnic tensions in Russia, according to Stefania Kulaeva, a human rights defender and expert at the Brussels-based Anti-Discrimination Center (ADC) Memorial.

“Dagestanis were frustrated by injustice, discrimination, poverty and [military] mobilization and they took it out on those who happened to be in the way … I think that religion itself is not the main thing in this matter, but it serves as a means to explain the imaginary solidarity with other Muslims and hatred towards Israelis and also towards all Jews,” Kulaeva told The Moscow Times.

“I think that all phobias are somehow connected. If there will be a trend toward increased hatred, then both Jews and Muslims will suffer.”

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