Resettlement in Tyumen: construction started

The Anti-discrimination centre Memorial has successfully cooperated with the constructing company „Partner-Invest“ and signed an ageement with the firm on free new houses for Roma families in Tyumen. The construction works were postponed due to various reasons: lack of final agreement with the local authorities and protests of the locals. ADC Memorial sent many letters to the powers of the Tymen region asking to support the Partner-Invest company in resettling Roma families.

After long and complicated process of agreement of the land location, the documents have been finally signed. Now the construction works can be started: the land is prepared, and the construction materials are bought.

The directors of the Partner-Invest company have been regularly organising meetings with the Roma community, where they were explaining the process of the resettlement and taking into consideration the wishes of the Roma families on the location of the houses. For example, the changes were made in the draft of the settlement plan after the meeting with the residents.

The Roma families living in the village understand the difficulties postponing the process of the resettlement but hope to move into the new houses as soon as possible.

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