Round table discussion on the development plan for Roma in Kaliningrad region – Participant’s report

ADC “Memorial” monitors situation of the rights of Roma in Kaliningrad region for a long time now. Our staff has visited Kaliningrad and met with the members of the local Roma community on numerous occasions. Together with lawyer Ella Alexeyenkova we managed to insist on implementation of housing rights of some Roma families.

In January this year “Complex plan for socio-economic and ethno-cultural development of Roma in Russia” was adopted by the Russian government. On March 15, 2013, Kaliningrad Public Chamber organized a round table discussion on the current problems of socio-cultural development of Roma in Kaliningrad region. ADC “Memorial” invited Yekaterina Leonova, who was previously in contact with us and is aware of the problems of Roma in the region, to participate in it. Yekaterina Leonova took part in the round table and sent us her brief report:

“During the round table we, members of the Roma community, were offered assistance in forming an initiative group for further establishment of a socially-oriented non-commercial organization in Kaliningrad region as part of a set of measures for socio-economic and ethno-cultural development of Roma in the Russian Federation in 2013-2014. I would like to thank you for letting me know about this event. I hope that from now on we will be in a position to solve at least some of our problems with the assistance from the state”.

Mass Media: http://kaliningradfirst.ru/?p=147943