Seminar on prejudices in anti-fascist movement held in ADC Memorial

On December 28th, a discussion on “Stereotypes and prejudices in anti-racist and anti-fascist movements” was held in the office of the ADC Memorial.

Activists and members of anti-fascist and human rights initiatives from Russia, France, the Netherlands, Poland and Germany will participate in the discussion.

Machismo, sexism, xenophobia, homophobia are well-spread in the Russian society. Populist xenophobic speeches can be heard in all spheres and communities, in universities, the Media and in the streets. Unfortunately, some members of anti-fascist movement are not free from such prejudices: some of them can be accused in anti-semitism and islamophobia, quite often the stereotypes about migrants, Roma people and others are repeated.

The participants discussed whether anti-fascist community repeats stereotypes without noticing this, or it consciously adapts right ideology for its own needs? How can xenophobia be overcome if it exists in heterogeneous anti-fascist movement? What is the danger of non-critical attitude towards right ideology and ignoring of the right to be different?

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