Discrimination on the basis of gender and/or SOGI in Russia

Joint Submission of the Anti-Discrimination Center “Memorial”, Russian LGBT Network, DELO LGBT+, and Side by Side International LGBT Film Festival to the Human Rights Council at the 44th Session of the Universal Periodic Review (Fourth cycle, November 2023) Russian Federation.



  1. Omnipresence of discrimination in contemporary Russia

  2. Discrimination of women

  3. Discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity

  1. Situation of LGBTI+ people in the North Caucasus

  2. Hate speech (homophobic propaganda)

  3. Hate crimes (fake dates)

  4. LGBTI+ refugees

  5. Right to respect for private and family life

    1. Nonrecognition of same-sex relationships

    2. Persecution of gay fathers using surrogate mothers

    3. LGBTI+ parents

  6. Freedom of speech and freedom of association

    1. F. Foreign agents

    2. Persecution and liquidation of NGOs

    3. Propaganda ban

  7. Discrimination of transgender people