ADC Memorial supports the campaign #Genderequality

ADC Memorial supports the campaign #Genderequality and publishes an animated mini-film “You are not alone” opposing domestic violence as a form of gender discrimination.

Women are the most vulnerable and unprotected in the countries that have no laws against domestic violence. The pandemic aggravated this situation: victims were locked up with aggressors; crisis centers were unable to help all the victims; many women became more economically  dependent.

We dedicate this video to women victims of domestic violence,  we stand in solidarity with them. We urge not only to remember about the problem, but  to stop the aggressors in every possible way – first of all it is necessary to adopt the complex law against domestic violence and to insure it’s  implementation.

The film is published at the 2nd week marathon #Genderequality campaign against gender-based violence, see the other video dedicated to the problem of violence against transgender people.