Thematic Bulletin № 76, 2022. The Rights of Migrants

Тhematic Bulletin dated to the International Migrants Day - 18 December


ADC Memorial’s campaign to protect refugee children from Ukraine

Children of Ukraine in the face of war, migration and separation

UN experts call for urgent action to protect Ukrainian children with disabilities studying at boarding schools

More than 100 orphans from Ukraine were sent to Russian foster families by the Russian authorities

The UN Committee on the Rights of the Child is concerned about the plight of Ukrainian children suffering from the war

Assisting stateless people trapped in Ukraine: report from the ground

A new Human Rights report criticizes deprivation of nationality as a national security measure

Interview with Oleksandr Snitko, Statelessness Project Manager at the Tenth of April (‘Desyate Kvitnya’), an ENS member organisation based in Odesa, Ukraine

The new decree of the Russian president on the abolition of the expulsion of Ukrainian citizens does not solve the problem of many prisoners convicted in detention centres

Ukrainian citizens released from the Center for the Temporary Detention of Foreign Nationals in Saint Petersburg

A citizen of Ukraine is imprisoned in the Centre for the Temporary Detention of Foreign Nationals near Krasnoyarsk for more than 8 months

Three prisoners of the Detention Center in Tolyatti have been on hunger strike since May 26

The Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation obliged the courts to take into account the family situation of foreigners in cases of expulsion

Migrants from Central Asian countries got involved in Russia’s war against Ukraine

Russian PMCs are recruiting citizens of Kyrgyzstan to participate in the war in Ukraine under the guise of working in the Russian Federation

Russian companies hire Tajikistan’s migrants to work in Mariupol – they complain about cheating with wages

The Russian Armed Forces began recruiting foreigners, including prisoners, for the war in Ukraine

Stateless people gain access to documentation in Russia Olga Abramenko

The UN Committee on Migrant Workers has submitted the list of questions to the government of Kyrgyzstan

Statement of Anti-Discrimination Centre Memorial, 28 March 2022, 34th Session of the UN CMW

Pamir 2022: flight from repressions