Three prisoners of the Detention Center in Tolyatti have been on hunger strike since May 26

Two of them cannot be deported to Ukraine because of the war, and everyone is not provided with medical care

Three prisoners of the Center for the Temporary Detention of Foreign Nationals (CTDFN) in Tolyatti have been on a hunger strike since May 6, Radio Liberty reports. These are former prisoners of the Russian penitentiary system who were placed in CTDFN immediately after their release. Two citizens of Ukraine cannot be ordered home because of a “special military operation”, and a native of Uzbekistan, recognized as a stateless person, cannot be expelled at all.

In addition to the untimely imprisonment in CTDFN, the reason for the hunger strike is the lack of urgently needed medical care. Citizens of Ukraine are in dire need of medicines for HIV therapy, which they received in the institutions of the penitentiary system. Apatride complains of acute toothache, pain in the kidneys and spine. But for more than a month now, there have been no health workers in the TsVSIG Togliatti and even basic medical care is not being provided.

A similar situation with the untimely detention of Ukrainian citizens in the CTDFN is observed in other cities of the Russian Federation. According to media reports, 113 citizens of Ukraine have been stuck in the Moscow CTDFN Sakharovo since February. According to lawyer Tseytlina, more than 40 people “are stuck” in Saint Petersburg.

Despite the decision of the Constitutional Court, which actually recognized the untimely detention in CTDFN as unlawful, the required changes were not made to the legislation. Therefore, contrary to the decision of the Constitutional Court, many people whose expulsion is impossible continue to be held in deportation centers for years.