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Vyacheslav Krechetov’s documentary “The Gold of Shoria” recounts the story of environmental catastrophe in southern Siberia, where coal and gold mining companies are causing irreparable harm to the traditional lands of the Shor – a small Indigenous people of Russia living…

On August 2, the world commemorates Roma who were victims of World War II. On this day in 1944, almost 4300 Roma died in gas chambers at Auschwitz-Birkenau in Nazi-occupied Poland. Decades later, Roma are again fleeing war, this time…

When the famous Soviet figure-skaters Belousova and Protopopov fled the USSR in 1979, asking for political asylum in Switzerland, they were called traitors and renegades. There was even a verse: “So you are just deserters, just vlasovtsy [supporters of Soviet…