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The song Russian Woman, which initially appeared to be a simple manifesto for moderate feminism and fashionable body positivity that was entirely appropriate for the Eurovision contest, where “politically correct” messages have triumphed for many years, provoked an outpouring of…

The creative work of feminist artists has become the subject of investigations by various forces—aggressive women-haters, opportunistic politicians, nationalist activists, religious figures, and criminal courts—and is viewed by these connoisseurs of the arts as (circle what applies) “depravity – indecency…


Life in Cells

Did you fall in a hole?/I did./Are you sitting in a hole?/I am./ Are you waiting for a ladder?/I am./Is the hole damp?/It is./ How’s your head?/Whole./So you’re alive?/I am./Well, off I go, then! Oleg Grigoryev Centers for the Temporary…

АДЦ «Мемориал» 2015-2020: публичный отчет

Fighting the lists of professions banned for women: the #AllJobs4AllWomen campaign The existence of legally-enshrined professional bans for women is a pressing problem throughout the entire region. ADC Memorial has spent many years fighting for gender equality in the workplace,…