International means of advocacy used by ADC Memorial

The UN Human Rights Committee has registered the complaint and used Rule 92 of the procedure to ban deportation of the citizen of Afghanistan, Hakdar K., at the moment staying in Saint Petersburg. He asked for help of ADC Memorial…read more


For the first time, ECHR Rule 39 applied in Russia

For the first time in Russia, Rule 39 of the European Court for Human Rights Regulations was applied with regard to the citizen of Somalia. The lawyer, Olga Tseitlina, stated the corresponding demands in the European Court on behalf of…read more


A victory in court: a lawyer of ADC “Memorial,” O. Tseitlina, defends a family of foreign citizens from deportation and placement in the detention centre

Recently ADC “Memorial” held a roundtable discussion dedicated to the successful experience of the appeal to the European Court on Human Rights on the violation of foreign citizens’ rights in detention centres (http://memorial.spb.ru/www/3305.html?lang=en). Regardless of Russia’s admission to inhumane conditions…read more