Patriotic stick-up “has no force”

What is a “patriotic stop list” from the point of view of the Russian language? As far as I’m concerned, you can not be a patriot, but you must at least have some respect for the Russian language. This ridiculous…read more


An Example for a Haughty Neighbor

Russian news agencies paid barely any attention to an item that will seem unbelievable, at least to those who understand, of course. On June 30, the Jogorku Kengesh (Kyrgyzstan’s parliament) rescinded (withdrew, removed from the agenda) two pieces of legislation,…read more


Like Victory, Freedom is always One for All

Cries of “Victory for love!” are sounding throughout America as the country celebrates the legalization of same-sex marriage. And this is, of course, a victory. For a great many people, the US Supreme Court’s decision to legalize same-sex marriage represents…read more


A girl’s face before rape

“Novaya Gazeta” had to terminate its work in Chechnya because of the threats received by its journalist Yelena Milashina. Earlier Milashina investigated various dangerous and taboo topics in Chechnya – murders, tortures, reprisals… But her most recent investigation – an…read more