Authorized Xenophobia

Migrant workers have always been a convenient instrument of manipulation. When society is in an uproar, particularly after a crime has been committed by a foreigner, officials take their cue from nationalists and assign collective responsibility to all migrants without…read more


You may not be an anti-fascist, but…

In January, anti-fascists are remembered in Russia as marches are held in memory of Anastasia Baburova and Stanislav Markelov, who were killed in 2009. Only the Moscow march was approved; in Saint Petersburg, anti-fascists have been remembered for years without…read more


The King, the Cause of Calamity

The Russian Roma, like many residents of our country despairing of their inescapable situations and decades-old problems, are prone to put their hopes on their president. From a psychological standpoint, it is easier to think that the person on whom…read more


Solidarity in fighting against violence

The Nobel Peace Prize this year will be awarded to Nadia Murad and Denis Mukwege. On December 10, 2018 they will deliver speeches that are certainly worth listening to for everybody. Everybody, including those who did not listen before, did…read more