ADC “Memorial” submitted information regarding the situation in Crimea to Committee on Elimination of Racial Discrimination

In August 2017 Committee on Elimination of Racial Discrimination adopted the Concluding Observations on the report of Russia. In paras 19-20 the Committee expressed its concern regarding the ban and strict limitations on the operation of Crimean Tatar representative institutions, such as the outlawing of the Mejlis and the closure of several media ...


Report on the results of the public monitoring of appeals regarding instances of torture committed by officers of the FSB Directorate for Saint Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast

ADC Memorial supported translation and publication of the extremely important report of the St.Petersburg Public Monitoring Commission members on torture of detainees and witnesses by FSB officers. Among the victims - defendants of the so-called "the case of Network".

The report convincingly shows that torture has become a common practice of ...


Structural discrimination against Roma in Eastern Europe and Central Asia

The situation of Roma communities in post-Soviet countries is diverse but remains difficult: problems, which are rooted in the ethnic policies of the USSR have not yet been overcome and the lack of consistent measures from national authorities to overcome these problems makes it impossible for Roma people to break this vicious circle of ...