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Five stories about Pamir and the Pamiris

The Pamiri peoples living in the Badakhshan Mountainous Autonomous Region of Tajikistan have been defending their identity, culture, and the right to speak their languages for decades. Today, years of discrimination have turned into brutal repression. Five stories tell of...

Censorship and identity

News about censorship cuts in series and films available to the Russian audience come every day. It’s funny and scary at the same time – it’s funny that instead of “gays” heroes of a film now say “men” or “boys”,...
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Romani Voices From Hell: Discrimination, Epidemic, War

Since the start of Russian aggression and hostilities in Ukraine in 2014, ADC Memorial has regularly monitored the situation of the Roma minority in the conflict zone. In 2015, we published the human rights report “Roma and War”, which was...

Alternative information for the review of Russia’s implementation of the UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women

Anti-Discrimination Centre Memorial, Charitable Foundation Sphere and Citizens’ Watch in cooperation with Women.Prison.Society project have prepared alternative information on violation of the rights’ of women and vulnerable groups in Russia for the 80th session of the UN CEDAW Committee. The...

Alluvial Gold Mining is Destroying the Life of the Indigenous Peoples of the Taiga

This report describes the catastrophic consequences of gold mining and violations of the rights of the Shor – a small Indigenous people living in the southwestern area of the Republic of Khakassia and in southern Kemerovo Oblast. Placer gold mining destroys...
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Video version of safety rules for children in a time of war

During the holidays, ADC Memorial wishes everyone to preserve health and life, especially, children and adults, who are in constant danger because of the war. Today, we present a video version of safety instructions for children in several languages. We...
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Video version of safety rules for children in a time of war
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October 30 – Political Prisoner’s Day
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We have left. Voices of Ukrainian children
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“The Gold of Shoria”
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