A new report of ADC Memorial and LGBT organisations under the UN UPR on gender discrimination in Russia

In November 2023, the human rights situation in Russia will be evaluated at the 44th session of the Universal Periodic Review, a special UN mechanism. During the prevous cycle of the UPR (2018), Russia was criticized for homophobic legislation and harassment on the basis of SOGI, gender discrimination in employment and the non-adopted law against domestic violence, lack of adequate support for certain ethnic groups and indigenous peoples, insufficient measures to overcome statelessness.

The current UPR cycle is taking place against the background of the war unleashed by Russia in Ukraine and the tightening of state repression against human rights defenders, activists, oppositionists and dissidents. Russia has not only failed to comply with the recommendations given by various countries in 2018, but has violated the main international obligations in the field of human rights.

The report of ADC Memorial, the Russian LGBT Network, the human rights initiative DELO LGBT+ and the International LGBT Film Festival “Side by Side” is dedicated to discrimination based on gender and SOGI and covers such issues as discrimination against women in the workplace (professional bans, tightening of homophobic legislation, persecution of LGBTI+ in the North Caucasus, violations of the rights of LGBT parents, discrimination against transgender people and others.

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