Another Kyrgyzstan citizen who had been recruited in a Russian prison died in Ukraine

The newspaper, Super Info in Kyrgyzstan, published an interview with the brother of a Kyrgyz national who died near Bakhmut. It is known that the deceased was imprisoned in Russia and later recruited by one of the private military companies after the war broke out. The coffin containing the body of the Kyrgyz citizen arrived in Kochkor-Ata on January 23rd.

The mother of the deceased spoke to Radio Azattyk and said, “My son was falsely accused and imprisoned for seven years. I attended his trials. The last time I saw him, he told me he was innocent and cried. On October 2nd, he called and said, ‘Mom, I’ll be coming to Kyrgyzstan soon. I’ll be released in six months.’ He didn’t mention at the time that he was going to war, as he didn’t want to worry me.

Radio Ozodi reported earlier that another prisoner, who was serving his sentence in the Russian Federation, died in the war in Ukraine and was buried in Tajikistan on January 19th in the rural Jamoat of Pyanj in Jayhun District. The relatives of the deceased stated that he had been sentenced to 14 years in prison for illegal drug possession and was serving his sentence in Russia.